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5-Day Itinerary Lisbon with Kids

Have fun with your family in Lisbon with a completely planned itinerary to enjoy the best of the city.

Lisbon Itinerary

You need this Itinerary if...


You don't have time to research attractions, study the city's geography, and organize your trip itinerary.


You know that traveling with children can be challenging and want to avoid issues like going to unsuitable places, being surprised by closed attractions, or paying extra due to a lack of planning.


You want the trip to be fun and enjoyable for both adults and children, with a selection of attractions and activities to everyone.


You know that information on the internet can be misleading and may not reflect reality.


You value services developed by locals who have experienced everything suggested in the itinerary and understand the challenges of traveling with children from personal experience.

Lisbon Itinerary

5-Day Itinerary Lisbon with Kids

Five days in the Portuguese capital designed for your family to have fun without any surprises. Traveling with children is delightful but can be challenging.


This guide was developed by Portugal com Miúdos, the first consultancy of tourism with kids in Portugal.

Everything your family needs for the trip:


An incredible selection made by mothers who know and live the city with their children. A balance between historical points and tips that only locals can provide.


Organization of the entire day-to-day itinerary in order to maximize your time and facilitate transport with children.


Recommended restaurants according to the region your family will be visiting to have the best meal without traveling too far.

Easy and friendly

The itinerary is digital so you can save it on your cell phone and consult it at any time. With a colorful design for children to follow along, it also has links to the locations and websites of all attractions and restaurants.


Instructions on how to use Lisbon's public transport between one attraction and another to make your trip easier.


Incredible selection of kid-friendly hotels to stay in Lisbon. The best locations and infrastructure for families.

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Who are we...

Hello, this is Caren and Cristina, the mothers who do Portugal com Múdos. We are Brazilian and have lived in Portugal for 8 years. For us, traveling with children can be a crazy adventure if we don't have the slightest bit of planning.

Small setbacks can reach catastrophic dimensions when we are with the little ones. Therefore, we help families who come to Portugal to experience this country with joy and lightness.

This guide was developed with great care and study to offer families an incredible experience in Lisbon, a city that we love and that we hope will also stay in your heart.

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